(PetroNoticias) Açu Petróleo signed a new contract with Petrobras to more than double the volume of oil exported by the oil company at the company’s private terminal in Porto do Açu. With the new agreement, the state-owned company will be able to dispose of 240 million barrels of oil, equivalent to 300 thousand barrels per day, in up to two years. The volume represents an increase of 140% in comparison with the amount of current movement (100 million barrels).

“This renewal of the contract demonstrates market confidence in our operations, with an emphasis on safety, operational excellence and logistical efficiency. The market’s confidence can be verified through the figures of Açu Petróleo, where we had a 50% growth in volumes handled in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020 ”, celebrated the CEO of Açu Petróleo, Victor Snabaitis Bomfim.

Petrobrás started operations at the Açu Petróleo Terminal in 2019. Since then, the oil company has already requested an increase in the volume of operations twice, motivated by the growing oil production and export demand.

On the side of Açu Petróleo, the company is celebrating its results in recent years. Since 2016, the company has carried out more than 270 oil transshipment operations, which represents around 260 million barrels handled. For the future, the company is working on expanding its terminal, which includes the expansion project with the construction of the Tanking Park and pipeline connection to the existing network. The goal is to meet the demands of the export market and the new scenario with the transformation of the refining market in Brazil.

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