Petrobras received the environmental license to carry out 4D maritime seismic survey in the Sapinhoá field, in the Santos Basin pre-salt. In the installation part of Nodes (seismic sensors installed on the seabed), the Subsea Viking vessel will be used. In addition, one of the following seismic source vessels will also be employed: Hugin Explorer, M / V Vantage or M / V Sanco Sword.

In addition to the 3 dimensions of space, 4D seismic encompasses time. Through the Nodes, seismic signals are emitted by a ship with an acoustic energy source. After the propagation of these signals towards the deep geological layers, they reflect and return to the seismic stations, where they are recorded. This data is processed and transformed into information about the reservoirs.

Petrobras is the operator of the Sapinhoá field, with a 45% stake, in partnership with Shell (30%) and Repsol, in addition to Sinopec (25%). The asset is located in the central portion of the Santos Basin, approximately 360 km from the coast of the state of São Paulo and 290 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro, in a water depth of 2,140 meters.

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