The Special Bidding Commission of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) approved this week the enrollment of three new companies in the Permanent Offer: Giongo Oil and Gas, Nobel Energy and Petropotiguar Petróleo e Gás. There are 65 companies authorized to participate in this bidding process modality .

Approved companies may declare interest in one or more of the blocks and areas offered in the notice. When the ANP Special Bidding Committee endorses one or more expressions of interest, a new cycle of the Permanent Offer begins, with the disclosure of its schedule.

In the last auction of the Permanent Offer, held in December last year, 17 exploratory blocks were purchased in six basins (Campos, Paraná, Amazonas, Espírito Santo, Potiguar and Tucano). An area with marginal accumulations was also sold (Juruá, from the Solimões Basin).

In the Permanent Offer, as the name suggests, there is a continuous offer of exploratory blocks and areas with marginal accumulations located in any onshore or offshore basins. Only blocks located in the Pre-salt Polygon, in the strategic areas or on the Continental Shelf beyond 200 nautical miles, as well as those in the 17th and 18th Bidding Rounds, are excluded from this modality.

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