Oil tanking park to be built in Porto do Açu

Açu Petróleo, a joint venture between Prumo Logística and German Oiltanking, plans to start construction this year, in Porto do Açu, the first private oil tanking park in Brazil. With private investment estimated at R$ 2.5 billion, the project will generate 2 thousand jobs, direct and indirect, during the construction phase. The work is expected to be completed and to start operating at the end of 2023.

In addition to expanding Rio de Janeiro’s export capacity, the terminal will be connected to the pipeline network in the Southeast, offering supply alternatives to refineries located in and around the State.

“This is a strategic and structuring project for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. In addition to consolidating the Region of Norte Fluminense and the State of Rio de Janeiro in the oil production and logistics chain, the project will generate wealth and value for the region, as there is a commitment by the company to prioritize the local workforce ”, explains the state secretary for Economic Development, Energy and International Relations, Leonardo Soares.

The secretary recalls that Petrobras broke oil export records last year, and projections indicate that Brazil’s oil export volume is expected to triple in the next 10 years.

“Tanking is an alternative to increase stocks of oil, which is the State’s main export product. The project at Açu will benefit Rio. With the storage alternative, the result of the trade balance in Rio should show better results in the future, with the growth of oil exports ”, says Soares.

The largest port-industry complex in the country, Porto do Açu, today, is already responsible for 25% of national oil exports, serving Petrobras and all oil companies operating in Brazil. Last year, the Petroleum Terminal was recognized by the National Waterway Transportation Agency (Antac) as the fastest growing terminal in 2020, with a jump of 53% compared to 2019.

Tanking park and pipeline connection

The project contemplates the implementation, in Porto do Açu, of a tanking park with a capacity of 5.7 million barrels, with the potential to expand to 11 million barrels. It also includes the implementation of two pipelines that will connect the tanking park to the existing pipeline network in the Southeast.

“The project offers an alternative for storing oil and connecting the Terminal to the pipeline network in the Southeast region, making it possible to export or commercialize production on the domestic market. In addition to expanding the alternatives for transporting oil production from production platforms, enabling the reduction of logistical costs for operators, insofar as it allows for an optimization of the tanker fleet ”, explains Açu Petróleo CEO Victor Bonfim..

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