Transpetro: Federal Police triggers 79th Phase of Operation Lava Jato (Car Wash)

The Federal Police, in cooperation with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Revenue Service, triggered this morning the 79th Phase of Operation Lava Jato, called “Vernissage”.

About 70 federal police officers and 10 Internal Revenue Service auditors served 11 Search and Seizure warrants in Brasília / DF (2), São Luís / MA (3), Angra dos Reis / RJ (1), Rio de Janeiro / RJ ( 3) and in São Paulo / SP (2). The court orders were issued by the 13th Federal Court in Curitiba / PR.

During the investigations of Operation Lava Jato, a Criminal Organization was identified, aimed at defrauding the competitive nature of tenders, by paying bribes to senior Petrobras executives, as well as to other companies related to it, such as Transpetro. The then director of Transpetro, from 2003 to 2014, would be a political indication in the criminal scheme that divided the senior positions of Petrobras and subsidiaries.

It is suspected that the contracts signed by Transpetro with some companies would have generated, between the years 2008 and 2014, the payment of more than R$ 12 million in bribes paid to this criminal group. After receiving these amounts, often paid in kind, several money laundering operations were carried out to hide and conceal their illicit origin, especially through the acquisition of works of art and real estate transactions.

In the case of works of art, such operations consisted of the acquisition of pieces of significant value with the payment of amounts ‘on the outside’, so that the actual values ​​of the works negotiated were not recorded. In this case, both the buyer and the seller issued invoices and receipts, but declared values ​​to the Federal Revenue that are flagrantly lower than those actually practiced in the transactions.

Between values ​​declared to the Tax Authorities and those of the market, practiced in the auctions in the Art Gallery, there were differences of 167% to 529%. the declared acquisition price and the market value, at levels of up to 1,300%.

At this stage, crimes of corruption, bid fraud, criminal organization and money laundering are investigated.

Source: TN Petróleo

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