Bombora, TechnipFMC Developing Foundations for Floating Offshore Wind Farms

Wave energy converter developer Bombora and energy services giant TechnipFMC have teamed up to work on a floating offshore wind project, which pairs ocean wave energy with offshore wind.

Bombora said Wednesday that under the cooperation in the project – called InSPIRE – the two companies will develop a floating offshore wind foundation incorporating Bombora’s mWave technology – combining wave energy and wind power on a shared platform.

InSPIRE stands for Integrated Semi-Submersible Platform with Innovative Renewable Energy.

“This partnership marries strong marine offshore engineering heritage with groundbreaking multi-MW wave technology,” Bombora said.

Phase 1 Demonstrator will see the joint venture develop the 12MW platform – combined mWave (4MW) and wind turbine (8MW) on a shared floating platform.

Phase 2 Commercial envisions 18MW combined mWave (6MW) and wind turbine (12MW) on a shared floating platform.


See below the mWave technology in action (without floating wind integration)

Source: OE

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