Petrobras approves Guide to Ethical Conduct for suppliers 

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. –  Petrobras approved yesterday the Guide to Ethical Conduct for its suppliers. It is the first document exclusively aimed at our suppliers, with guidelines on expected values and ethical behavior. The Guide applies to all service companies, in Brazil or abroad, that are involved in business processes and have signed contracts, agreements and terms of cooperation with Petrobras. 

The Guide reaffirms our zero tolerance to any form of fraud and corruption, demanding the same stance from our supply chain. The document was elaborated in accordance with the best international practices and is aligned with the guidelines of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index, the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark and the Pro-Ethical Company seal of the Ethos Institute and the Office of the Comptroller General.

The Guide reinforces that suppliers must promote decent and safe working conditions for their employees, combat child and slave labor and respect the environment. The document also determines that suppliers must promote diversity, gender and racial equality and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The Guide to Ethical Conduct for suppliers brings an evolution by consolidating the principles and ethical guidelines applicable to suppliers in a single document.

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