Clarification on bidding process for the Bahia Regasification Terminal

In view of the facts revealed in the 75th phase of Operation Lava Jato related to the Golar Power Group, Petrobras informs that a review of this supplier’s Integrity Analysis is in progress. This analysis is done regularly with all the company’s suppliers and assigns different Degrees of Integrity Risk (GRI). Any change in the perception of integrity risk to which Petrobras may be exposed when dealing with the companies of the Golar Power Group will be communicated in a timely manner to its Legal Representatives.

In the case of the bidding process for the lease of the Bahia Regasification Terminal (TR-BA), the notice prevents the participation of any company or consortium with a high GRI. The document also provides that all parties interested in initiating and maintaining a relationship with Petrobras will be subject to appropriate diligence in accordance with the Petrobras Corruption Prevention Program (PPPC).

In addition to the GRI review, Petrobras sent a letter to BR Distribuidora, as a shareholder of the company, requesting clarification on BR’s partnership with Golar Power in light of the facts revealed by Operation Lava Jato. It should be noted that Petrobras is not the controlling shareholder of BR Distribuidora.

Source: TN Petróleo Newsroom / Petrobras Agency

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