Brazil Oil and Gas Circuit

In the latest edition of the Brazil Oil and Gas Circuit, an event organized by ONIP in partnership with ABPIP and supported by Firjan, the Rio 2020 Petroleum Yearbook was the central theme and brought an insight into the activities in exploration and production in Rio de Janeiro waters, with guests from three operators. The discovery announced by Petrobras, which found oil in ultra-deep waters in Naru, in the Campos Basin, in Rio de Janeiro, was highlighted by Roberto Ardenghy, executive director of Institutional Relations at Petrobras: “It is not yet possible to say what will happen to this discovery, since the Campos Basin pre-salt prospect is in the final stage of evaluation, however, the news brings a positive perspective. ”

In addition to the news of the day, the executive also noted the importance of technology and innovation for the advancement of the company’s activities, with emphasis on Cenpes. The record, recently achieved, of gas regasification at the Guanabara Bay terminal, with a volume of 30 million m³ / day; the launch of biorefine strategies for Reduc, among other modernization strategies for the refining park in Rio. Synergy studies between Polo Gaslub and Reduc, in addition to the main aspects of large offshore areas and the construction of its production infrastructures . He confirmed that the company is preparing a Petrobras Day to announce new work initiatives with its supply chain.

Another item highlighted at the event is about encouraging the production of mature fields, and was presented by Karine Fragoso, manager of Oil, Gas and Naval at Firjan and general director of ONIP, who mediated the event and also presented the recently launched edition of “ Rio Petroleum Yearbook ”. Regulation of royalty reduction in fields granted to small or medium-sized companies is in the ANP’s planning for public consultation next week, she said, citing information from José Mauro Ferreira Coelho, Ministry of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels secretary Mines and Energy.

New operators in the offshore market in Rio de Janeiro, Perenco and BW Energy, also participated in the event. Beatriz Souto, from BW, said that the company is very interested in Brazil: “We see the country as a solid environment, a regulated environment and a legal environment with high security, in addition to presenting qualified bodies that open the dialogue with operators . ” Leonardo Caldas, director of Institutional Relations at Perenco do Brasil, said that the company, which has expertise in mature fields, will try to rescue the historical production of the Pargo field, around 15 thousand to 20 thousand barrels / day, with the investments that Perenco has in mind. Today, production is around 4 thousand barrels / day. The expansion still depends on ANP approval of the company’s development plan, which includes investments and an extension of the concession until 2040, explained the executive.

Source: PetroNoticias

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