Requests for extension of exploratory deadlines due to the pandemic released by ANP

Aug 13, 2020

ANP started to make available the list of oil and gas exploration and production contracts whose operating companies requested an extension of exploratory terms due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the status of each order. Until Aug 11, 2020, 48 expressions of interest were received from 12 operators, of which 29 manifestations resulted in an approved extension and 19 are under analysis.

The requests are the result of ANP Resolution No. 815/2020, published on 4/20, in the context of coping with the health emergency related to the new coronavirus. The resolution provides for a nine-month extension of certain contractual deadlines foreseen for the operation of the contracts.

The exploration phase is the first phase of exploration and production contracts, in which companies carry out studies and activities (such as seismic surveys and well drilling) in order to discover and evaluate oil and / or natural gas deposits.

The order in which requests are analyzed considers, among other factors, the proximity of the deadline for extending the contract.

The list of requests will be updated periodically, as new requests are received or the status of order analysis changes.

Source: TNPetroleo and ANP

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