Jul 9, 2020

The international auction for the sale of Petrobras’ P-7, P-12 and P-15 platforms was rescheduled for the next 24th, at 10am. The electronic auction will take place through the auctioneer João Emílio’s website. Initially, the event would be held today.

The platforms being auctioned by Petrobras are currently anchored in the Campos Basin, out of operation. This week, the state-owned company announced that it had started decommissioning the P-12. Meanwhile, the oil company obtained approval for the Facilities Decommissioning Plan (PDI) for the other two platforms – P-7 and P-15.

Petrobras commented this week that in addition to P-12, the decommissioning of P-7 and P-15, in the Campos Basin, and FPSO Piranema, in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, are also planned for this year. By 2024, the company says it will decommission 18 platforms.

The oil company also recently informed that considering its critical resources and the post-Covid-19 scenario, the current forecast of availability for leaving the platform lease is: December (P-7), March 2021 (P-15) and June 2021 (P-12).

The P-7 platform operated on a 210-meter water depth in the Bicudo and Enchova Oeste fields. Meanwhile, the P-12 operated in Badejo, Linguado and Trilha, with a water depth of 100 meters. Finally, the P-15 unit produced in Marimba and Piraúna, at a water depth of 243 meters.

Source: PetroNoticias

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