July 2, 2020

The German group Siemens has entered into a partnership with Total to apply new concepts in the production of green Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). As part of the contract, the Siemens Gas and Power subsidiary is already conducting studies on possible projects for power generation and liquefaction plants, with the ultimate goal of decarbonizing fuel production.

Research is focused on key areas to reduce the environmental footprint of LNG liquefaction facilities. This necessarily involves reducing associated greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the plant’s reliability and other issues such as maintenance, regulatory compliance and development costs.

“Siemens Gas and Power is committed to supporting the LNG industry’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions through the application of proven solutions, in addition to providing financial, technical and strategic support to customers in the early stages of concept development and pre-FEED of projects ”, commented the CEO of Siemens Energy’s Oil and Gas Division, Thorbjoern Fors.

The studies conducted are taking into account some concepts, such as the use of gas turbines and electric powered compression trains in conjunction with proven refrigeration technologies; equipment that can minimize or eliminate the burning of processes; techniques to improve the efficiency of power generation facilities; and digitization and automation platforms to optimize the plant’s design.

Source: PetroNoticias

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