Jun 29, 2020

The oil unions are reacting hard and even with some indignation to the decision of the Petrobras Board of Directors, which, in early June, approved a change in the internal policy of the state-owned company, authorizing the increase of the appointments of outside professionals for the company’s high command. The measure raises from 30% to 40% the maximum proportion of managers from the market in executive management, including a few general managers directly linked to the company’s management. In practice, from 15 to 20 the total number of employees who will be able to occupy executive positions subordinate to the board of directors.

Petrobras believes that the changes will favor the hiring of managers from the private sector, adding the skills of these professionals to those already existing in the company’s staff. They will be professionals trained by the Petrobras University or other institutions financed by the company. This restructuring is already underway and full of internal controversies. It is the biggest transformation that the company has undergone in recent years. The objective is to change the company’s culture, transforming its actions with non-state but private thought. The Deepwater Executive Management is under the leadership of Carlos José Travassos, who took over from José Luiz Marcusso (who chose to retire); The Decommissioning General Management is under the command of Eduardo Hebert Zacaron. Ricardo Pereira de Morais leads the Executive Management of Onshore and Shallow Water which replaces Nilo Azevedo Duarte (who chose to retire).

With the creation of the Decommissioning GG, Petrobras’ E&P area now has nine managers for decommissioning management. Libra, is commanded by Mariana Cavassin Paes; Búzios, Márcio Kahn; Reservoirs, Tiago da Rosa Homem; Ultra Deep Waters, Joelson Falcão Mendes; Exploration, Mario Carminatti; Asset Management, João Jeunon. In the Production Development area, which is under the umbrella of director Rudimar Lorenzatto, Luiz Carlos Mendes will also be retired. Maiza Pimenta Goulart, takes over Project Management. Eduardo Bordieri was in charge of the General Management of Integrated Resource and Project Management, which has just been created. In the management of Poços Marítimos, Samuel Bastos de Miranda; In the Surface Systems, Refining, Natural Gas and Energy Systems, João Rittershaussen; Subsea Systems, Luiz Carlos Higa.

Petrobras’ redesign, the most comprehensive in recent years, will be completed by the end of the year. Other departments will also be affected, including the Refining & Natural Gas department, under the command of Anelise Lara; Financial and Investor Relations, by Andrea de Almeida, Governance & Compliance, with Marcelo Zenkner, Institutional Relationship under the leadership of Roberto Ardenghy, Digital Transformation & Innovation, with Nicolás Simone, considered strategic by President Castello Branco and the Board of Logistics, with André Chiarini.

Source: PetroNoticias

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