Petrobras starts licensing process in the Potiguar Basin

June 9, 2020

Petrobras started environmental licensing for drilling a well in block POT-M-952, offshore in the Potiguar Basin. This is the second project that Petrobras is licensing in the region – in April, it started the process for block POT-M-762.

– Areas contracted in 2018, in the 15th round of the ANP (concession), at the time, expanding a bet on the offshore of Rio Grande do Norte – Shell is a partner in two of the three blocks acquired in the region.

– And there is oil discovered. In 2013, the Pitu prospect was drilled, currently under evaluation – reservoir delimitation stage. Petrobras needs to decide in August whether to continue the project, with another well, or to return part of the unexploited area: Petrobras postponed exploration plan on the coast of Rio Grande do Norte.

Source: epbr

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