Petrobras on activities in Albacora

May 17, 2020

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, following up on the press release disclosed on
May 11, 2020, informs that it started yesterday the Extended Well Tests (EWT) in the Discovery Assessment Plan (DAP) of Forno, in the Albacora field, located in the Campos Basin pre-salt. The test is being carried out in well 3-AB125-RJS (3-BRSA-1123-RJS), located approximately 120 km from Rio de Janeiro coast.

The objective of the EWT is to evaluate the reservoir production and the characteristics of its oil. The technical information collected during the testing phase will subsidize the complementary development of the field, which is part of the Albacora revitalization project, and Forno is included.

Discovery Assessment Plan of Forno
The Albacora field, in the Campos Basin, 184 km from Macaé city, started its production in the post-salt reservoirs in 1987, with the FPSO PP Morais. Based on oil evidence in the pre-salt layer concession, Petrobras started the DAP in Forno area, where drilling and seismic activities have already been carried out.

The EWT is a new DAP phase, which provides the interconnection between the well and the FPSO P-31, anchored in a water depth of approximately 325 meters. The objective of this phase is to prove the reservoir potential productive, when the production will have a test character.

Petrobras is the operator (100%) of the Albacora field and will continue the DAP in this area.

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