Petrobras confirms promising results in ultra-deep waters off the coast of Sergipe

May 17, 2020

Petrobras confirmed the characteristics of reservoirs in ultra-deep waters on the Sergipe coast, more precisely in the FARFAN field, 80 kilometers from the coast.

A Long Term Test (TLD), carried out between February and April this year, confirmed the reservoir. “It is important that we receive this data, as it gives us more clarity when it comes to seeking investments and implementing the actions that we are designing for the oil and gas market in Sergipe,” says the secretary of economic development, José Augusto Carvalho.

The next stage of the process, must be the declaration of commerciality by Petrobras to the ANP and definition of the investment plan in the region. “In addition to FARFAN, Petrobras made discoveries in five other fields: Moita Bonita, Barra, Cumbe, Muriú and Poço Verde”.

Source: Portos e Navios

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