Petrobras starts NTS’s non-binding phase

May 15, 2020

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, following up on the press release disclosed on
March 31, 2020, announces the beginning of the non-binding phase regarding the sale of its remaining stake (10%) in Nova Transportadora do Sudeste S.A. (NTS).

Qualified parties for the non-biding phase will receive a process letter with detailed instructions on the divestment process, including guidelines for due diligence and submission of non-binding proposals.

The main subsequent stages of each project will be reported to the market in due course.

This disclosure complies with Petrobras’ divestment guidelines and the special regime of asset divestment by federal mixed capital companies, provided for in Decree 9,188/2017.

These transactions are in line with the portfolio optimization and the improvement of Petrobras’ capital allocation, aiming at maximizing value for its shareholders.

About NTS
NTS is a company that operates in the natural gas transportation sector, currently holding long-term authorizations to operate and manage a pipeline system of about 2,000 km and with capacity to transport 158.2 million m³/d of natural gas.
The NTS pipelines are located in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo (responsible for 50% of natural gas consumptionin Brazil) and are connected to the Brazil-Bolivia pipeline, to the TAG transportation network,tothe Guanabara Bay LNG regasification terminal and to the processing plants of natural gas produced in the
Campos Basin and pre-salt.

The other partners of NTS are the Nova Infraestrutura Fundo de Investimentos em Participações, an investment fund managed by Brookfield BrasilAsset Management Investimentos Ltda., with equity stake of 82.35% and Itaúsa with 7.65%equitystake.

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