Works on the Rota 3 gas pipeline and the natural gas processing unit (UPGN), in Itaboraí are temporarily paralyzed

Apr 17, 2020

Petrobras temporarily paralyzed part of the Gaslub Itaboraí project (formerly Comperj), which includes the construction of the Rota 3 gas pipeline and the natural gas processing unit (UPGN). The measure complies with the letter from the Municipal Health Secretariat of Itaboraí (RJ), issued on March 23, which requests the interruption of 70% of the project’s activities.

Immediately, not only Petrobras, as well as all the companies that are mobilized in the works, answered this request and have operated with about 30% of the contingent that was mobilized until the date of the letter, which means that about 4,000 workers are temporarily away from activities on the site, and companies are applying the remote work regime wherever possible. In view of this situation, the company informs that the construction schedule will be reassessed.

Integrated Route 3 Project

The Integrated Route 3 Project will provide the third flow route for pre-salt natural gas. The project consists of the Natural Gas Processing Unit (UPGN), which will have the capacity to process up to 21 million m³ per day. In addition to the UPGN, the project contemplates the construction of a gas pipeline of approximately 355 km of total length, 307 km of which is the offshore stretch – already built – and 48 km of a land stretch, which is under construction, and which will drain the natural gas from the Pre -Salt from the Santos Basin to the UPGN.

Source: Editorial Office / Petrobras Agency

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