Wilson Sons completes eight years without lost time accidents at offshore support bases

Apr 15, 2020

In March 2020, Wilson Sons recorded eight years without lost time accidents at its offshore support bases, a milestone in the oil and gas sector. There were 4.6 million man-hours worked in dozens of operations along the Brazilian coast. The new record reinforces the Company’s commitment to the well-being of its employees, especially in the face of the challenges imposed by the global crisis generated by the new coronavirus (Covid-2019).

During this period, more than 20 projects were carried out with the main oil companies, in addition to numerous contracts with service companies between shipowners, operators of offshore units and others. The operations took place at Niterói and Rio de Janeiro’s own bases, as well as in temporary solutions implemented in Belém, São Luís, Salvador, Ilhéus and São João da Barra. All of these projects were carried out without any lost time accidents.

“It is a significant result, especially when considering the level of risk in our operations. As of 2010, Wilson Sons adopted a robust occupational health and safety management system, in line with the best practices in the market, which has been guaranteeing high performance in this sector ”, highlights the executive director of the base business unit Wilson Sons offshore support team, Gilberto Cardarelli.

The executive points out that health and safety are non-negotiable values ​​for the Company. With the spread of the coronavirus in Brazil and worldwide, Wilson Sons has been adopting several measures and protocols to support the prevention of the disease and created a technical committee responsible for managing these actions. “The well-being of our customers, employees and partners is our top priority. We will go to great lengths to ensure the best and safest work environment ”, says Cardarelli.

Get to know Wilson Sons’ actions to prevent Covid-19

A benchmark in the industry, Wilson Sons’ support base division has world-class security status. The classification was achieved in 2014, based on internal research carried out according to Du Pont’s methodology. The Company has two own bases in Guanabara Bay, which have eight berths, in addition to support points in several ports around the country. With unique expertise in remote operations, he has already set up temporary bases in eight different ports on the Brazilian coast.

Source: Wilson Sons

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