ANP Permanent Offer Auctions in the second semester

April 16, 2020

MME is working to carry out the 2nd Permanent Offer Auctions in the second half of this year, said Minister Bento Albuquerque, during a webinar held by FGV, in partnership with the EPBR agency, on Wednesday (4/15).

Of the four rounds planned for this year – 17th of Concessions, 7th of sharing and the 2nd Auction of the Surplus of Transfer of Rights (Atapu and Sépia) – the 2nd Auction of the Permanent Offer is the only one that was not canceled by the government due to the coronavirus pandemic .

Earlier this week, the ANP approved the new version of the bidding documents and drafts of the regime’s concession contracts, which will offer 708 blocks with exploratory risk and three areas with marginal accumulations, one of which is the Juruá field, in the Amazon Basin .

To date, 54 companies have signed up to participate in the bidding process, the 1st Auction of which was held in September 2019, resulting in 33 blocks and 12 areas with marginal accumulations completed.

The process provides for the continuous offer of fields and blocks returned (or in the process of being returned) and exploratory blocks offered in previous rounds and not completed. Enrolled bidders may submit a declaration of interest, accompanied by an offer guarantee, for any blocks or areas on offer. Once one or more declarations of interest have been presented, and all documentation has been approved, the Special Tender Committee (CEL) publishes a schedule for carrying out a cycle for the submission of bids.

Source: PetróleoHoje

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