MAR 30, 2020

The unique characteristics of the pre-salt motivated Equinor and the Institute of Petroleum and Natural Resources (IPR) to carry out a new study to deepen the knowledge about the reservoir rocks of the layer. The research will last four years and the main objective will be to understand the origin and evolution of the carbonate reservoirs in the Santos Basin pre-salt. Those involved in the study say that there are many issues still unresolved and that may influence the recovery of the oil contained therein.

The study team will be formed by IPR geologists Anderson José Maraschin, Rosália Barili da Cunha and José Antônio Cupertino, in addition to the director of the institution, professor Felipe Dalla Vecchia. Equinor Brasil’s technical interlocutors will be geologist Juliana Finoto Bueno and geophysicist Bruno Honório. In the future, geochemists, geophysicists, research assistants, scholarship holders, researchers and visiting foreign professors will be hired in the future, totaling 16 professionals directly involved in the research.

The study will be called “Genesis Project: Genesis and alteration of Aptian Pre-salt deposits in the Santos Basin” and will apply petrographic, geochemical and isotopic techniques to the reservoir rocks. The expectation is that the results will bring a better understanding of the genesis and sedimentary evolution of these basins and their reservoir rocks, as well as their impacts on the quality of the pre-salt reservoirs.

Source: PetroNoticias

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