MAR 19, 2020

In the midst of all this confusion, good news. In yet another contribution to the digitalization of the oil and gas sector, Repsol Sinopec Brasil, Shell Brasil and Deep Seed Solutions signed a contract for the development of the i-Concept project. The objective is to develop digital technology to improve and accelerate decision making in relation to offshore oil and gas production system projects. Marcelo Andreotti, Research Manager in Production Facilities and Operations at Repsol Sinopec Brasil, explains that “In a field in development, there are countless possibilities of how production will take place. How many will be the producing wells, how many injectors, among many other variables, such as the definition of the surface processing plant and type of production unit. The i-Concept will automate this whole process, all the necessary calculations will be made much faster. ”

The project is based on the extensive experience of its participants in conceptual engineering and covers the development of customized modules, addressing the latest in surface installations, mature field engineering and advanced subsea engineering functionalities. The technology generated by the project, according to the companies, will bring competitive advantages in the conceptualization processes of offshore engineering for production. The project also aims to accelerate investments in economically viable projects, in addition to allowing the identification of solutions in complex fields, as in the Brazilian pre-salt.

A statement from the companies explains that the method to be used by i-Concept is based on the philosophy of building blocks, in which “the entire system is Montrose-platform-falls-into-place-Production-from-Shaw-field-slated- for-2017-1 decomposed into subsystems and components of less complexity, which, combined in different organizations by a meta-heuristic algorithm, generate a wide range of new concepts. Through the application of systems engineering and methods known as tradespace exploration, the technology allows the project team to filter and analyze the concepts in order to find the alternatives of greater financial return and technically optimized. Based on a collaborative cloud database, the algorithm automatically generates bills of materials and calculates costs in an accurate and reliable way for each solution ”.

The i-Concept is a continuation of the Oathkeeper project, developed by Repsol Sinopec and Deep Seed, which culminated in the development of FLOCO (Field Layout Offshore Concept Optimizer) technology, tested and qualified in Repsol assets on a global basis and which has already been applied on a commercial scale in a series of pilot projects with operators and engineering companies operating in Brazil and abroad.

Source: PetroNoticias

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