WEG Approved to BP Suppliers List

Jan 14, 2020

WEG has been added to the list of approved suppliers at oil giant BP. The company is technically qualified according to BP Upstream (TQSL) to supply next generation low voltage motors.

The addition to BP’s list of approved suppliers is a reflection of WEG’s reputation for innovation, reliability and quality in markets around the world. WEG is a world renowned supplier of low voltage motors for the oil and gas industry. Its global structure enables it to work closely with customers in this important industry. For example, more than 30 agencies have been established in key countries to provide clients with technical and commercial assistance. In addition, strategically located factories can serve the industry with short lead times, while the network of over 1,250 authorized technical assistants, located on five continents, is fully equipped to provide rapid after sales service and technical support.

BP-qualified models are the IEC and NEMA low voltage WEG motors. WEG has been manufacturing advanced low voltage electric motors since its inception. The design of engines suitable for the oil and gas industry in various parts of the world stands out, which is what distinguishes the company. Manufacturing industrial motors that meet the most demanding application requirements, flexible mechanical designs coupled with high operational reliability make it easy to install WEG low voltage motors with extremely low maintenance requirements. The motors comply with respected industry standards such as IEEE 841 and IEC60034-1.

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