Bidding areas beyond 200 nautical miles in the ANP 17th round

Jan 10, 2020

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, has formalized the creation of the Working Group determined by the National Council for Energy Policy (CNPE) to evaluate the international rules for bidding areas beyond 200 nautical miles in the ANP 17th bidding round, scheduled to take place in the second half of the year. The group has a term of 60 days and may be extended to complete the work.

And who is part of the Working Group?

I – Ministry of Mines and Energy:

  1. a) Clayton de Souza Pontes, who will coordinate it; and
  2. b) Ezra Godinho Ramos;

II – Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic:

  1. a) Daniela Ferreira Marques; and
  2. b) Hugo Manoel Marcato Affonso;

III – Maritime Authority (Brazilian Navy – Ministry of Defense):

  1. a) Antonio Cesar da Rocha Martins; and
  2. b) Marcus Vinicius de Oliveira;

IV – Ministry of Foreign Relations:

  1. a) Alex Giacomelli da Silva; and
  2. b) Alexandre Mendes Nina;

V – Ministry of Economy:

  1. a) Gustavo Gonçalves Manfrim; and
  2. b) Maurício Marins Machado;

VI – National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels – ANP:

  1. a) Heloisa Borges Bastos Esteves; and
  2. b) Artur Watt Neto.


The current area supply focus is near the pre-salt range beyond 200 nautical miles, where, if findings are confirmed, there are expectations of increasing the volume of Brazil’s oil and gas reserves by about 50%, which today is estimated at 15.9 billion barrels.

The 17th round of the ANP will offer 128 exploratory blocks in the Pará-Maranhão (SPAMA-AUP1 sector), Potiguar (SPOT-AP2 and SPOT-AUP2) and Pelotas (SP-AP1, SP-AR1 and SP- AUP1), Campos (sectors SC-AUP2, SC-AP3 and SC-AP1) and Santos (sectors SS-AUP5, SS-AP4 and SS-AUP4).


ANP’s Director-General Décio Oddone takes stock of the oil auctions held in 2019. Reiterates that the cycle of the big auctions is over, that major oil companies are back and that it is the moment for improving competitions, with the end of Petrobras’ preference, but the maintenance of the calendar.

Source: epbr

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