ANP: 871 oil and gas exploration blocks on offer in 2020

January 10, 2020

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) has scheduled for 2020 to hold three auctions of oil exploration areas. The bids, still undefined, should take place in the second half of the year and will offer 871 exploratory blocks, mostly in permanent offer areas.

The agency will hold a public hearing to receive contributions for inclusion in the auction notice of more than 174 areas – 173 exploratory blocks and one area with marginal accumulation – in the permanent offer, which will now have 740 exploratory blocks.

Main road for the acquisition of land exploration areas in the country, the new cycle of permanent offer coupled with Petrobras’ divestment in mature land areas are considered by the authorities as the main movements for the revitalization of onshore production in the country.

The 17th ANP bidding round will offer 128 exploratory blocks in the Pará-Maranhão (SPAMA-AUP1 sector), Potiguar (SPOT-AP2 and SPOT-AUP2) and Pelotas (SP-AP1, SP-AR1 and SP- AUP1), Campos (sectors SC-AUP2, SC-AP3 and SC-AP1) and Santos (sectors SS-AUP5, SS-AP4 and SS-AUP4). The auction has already been approved by the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE), which decided to set up a Working Group to discuss the inclusion of areas beyond 200 nautical miles in the round.

Not yet approved by CNPE, since it did not enter the agenda of the ordinary meeting held in December, the 7th round of pre-salt has scheduled the offer of the Esmeralda and Agata areas in the Santos Basin and Água Marinha in the Campos Basin. .

Source: epbr

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