Nov 11, 2019

Shell began the licensing process at Ibama to drill in block BM-S-54, in the Santos Basin pre-salt, where the discovery of Gato do Mato is located.

The campaign will consist of drilling up to six development wells that will be interconnected with the future production system of the block and the contiguous area of ​​Sul do Gato, also operated by the oil company.

The activity area comprises 367.10 Km², with a minimum distance of 189 km from the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in water depths between 1,795 thousand and 2,061 thousand m.

The reservoir production development will also include at least three wells that will be drilled in Sul de Gato do Mato.

The campaign on the BM-S-54 may be carried out with a dynamically positioned (SD) rigged rig supported by logistics bases in Rio de Janeiro, Niterói (RJ), Sao Joao da Barra (RJ) and Vila Velha (ES). ).

The oil company plans to use three PSVs, 199 m, 417 m and 577 m long, in about 20 monthly trips.

7th ANP concession round, the BM-S-54 is 200 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, in water depths between 1.720 thousand m and 2.050 thousand m. Shell operates the 50% equity asset, with Ecopetrol (30%) and Total (20%) as partners.

The corporate composition is the same in Sul de Gato do Mato, acquired in the second round of ANP bids, upon payment of R $ 100 million in signature bonuses.

Source: Brasil Energia Magazine

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