Minister assesses names for Oil secretary

September 20, 2019

The MME should announce by the beginning of next week the name of the new secretary of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels, who will occupy the vacancy left by Márcio Felix. Minister Bento Albuquerque evaluates a list of four candidates, with Bruno Eustáquio – deputy executive secretary of the portfolio – remaining a favorite, followed by Renata Isfer, deputy secretary appointed to run the area on an interim basis.

Given the rumors of a ministerial mini-reform and the possible departure of Bento Albuquerque from the MME after the 6th round of sharing in November, the solution is more likely to come from the ministry’s staff. Choosing an outside executive would run into uncertainty about the minister’s future.

Bruno Eustáquio has been playing important roles within the MME. In the early months of the year, he took the lead in reviewing the Transfer of Rights assignment agreement, also participating in discussions on energy issues.

Renata Isfer has also been gaining projection. Since her appointment as Assistant Secretary of Oil, the executive has participated in many industry events, increasing proximity to the companies.

Renata Isfer and Bruno Eustáquio participated, together, of the ANP seminar on the 6th sharing round and the auction of the Transfer of Rights surplus. Since the beginning the new government, the executives have been at the front line of the ministry, even though they have held adjunct positions.

In the political sphere, it is said that the President of the Senate, David Alcolumbre, has an interest in the vacancy. It is not certain whether the senator would be supporting internal names or working for someone outside the ministry.

The name of the chosen one will help set the tone for Minister Bento Albuquerque’s situation. The Admiral and Economy Minister Paulo Guedes vie for space under Jair Bolsonaro’s government, especially in the oil sector.

In the week that Márcio Felix left the office, the president had two meetings with Bento Albuquerque, one of them at the MME himself.

The minister arrived from abroad this week. He is expected to travel to New York joining Jair Bolsonaro’s entourage at the UN General Assembly.

Source: BE Oil

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