Shell already seeks markets for its Brazilian pre salt gas

September 20, 2019

Shell is already seeking markets to absorb the volumes of natural gas that the company will produce in the pre-salt future. According to the CEO of oil company in Brazil, André Araújo, there are opportunities in power generation and energy commercialization for large industrial customers.

In an event promoted by Shell, the executive highlighted projects such as the thermoelectric plant Marlim Azul, in Macaé (RJ), which will be supplied with pre-salt gas . The plant is expected to start operating in 2023, but according to Araújo, Shell works to anticipate this deadline.

On the possibility of Shell investing in pipelines to drain production, the CEO left the issue open. “You can never say you never will. We will do what is necessary to reach the market. Shell is very active in gas production and gas and energy trading, ”he said.

Araújo said he welcomed the regulatory changes underway in the country and cited the resolution of the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE), which seeks to create new ways to make market development viable. “The paths are not yet 100% clear, but I am motivated by the government to have set up a regular monitoring group to translate the resolution into a clear signal to investors,” he emphasized.

Source: BE Oil

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