ANP publishes public notice and production sharing contract templates for the 6th Production Sharing Bidding Round

September 17, 2019

The ANP published the announcement and the models of production sharing contract of the 6th Round of Production Sharing Bids, scheduled to be held on November 7. The documents went through public consultation and hearing, at which the Agency received 410 contributions.

The 6th Production Sharing Bidding Round will offer 4 blocks in the Santos Basin (Aram, Bumerangue, Cruzeiro do Sul e Sudoeste de Sagitário) and 1 block in the Campos Basin (Norte de Brava), with a total area of ​​8638 km².

The main changes made to the notice in relation to the pre-notice are drafting improvements in relation to the inclusion of an Additive Term model to the Production Individualization Agreements of the Cruzeiro do Sul, Sudoeste de Sagitario and Norte de Brava blocks, and to the detailing of the obligations regarding Local Content. Also, the minimum percentage rates of the Union oil surplus were changed, according to CNPE Resolution No. 19/2019.

Published on 06/09/2019, CNPE Resolution No. 19/2019, amends paragraph 2 of article 3 of CNPE Resolution No. 18/2018. Thus, the minimum percentage of the Union oil surplus, in the period of the production sharing agreement, should be, in Aram Block, 29.96%, and in Cruzeiro do Sul Block, 29.52%. Urged to comment on the preemptive rights in each of the blocks offered, Petrobras, on September 12, 2019, sent a letter in which it maintained its option for mandatory participation as an operator with 30% (thirty percent) in the Aram area. , Sudoeste de Sagitario and Norte de Brava.

In the contracts, the main changes reflect the improvements implemented upon the approval of the contract model of the 16th Exploratory Block Bidding Round.

The final version of the production sharing contracts of the 6th Production Sharing Bidding Round has two versions, one with the participation of Petrobras as operator and the other without the participation. In both there is alternative wording for Local Content clauses in the case of Shared Reservoirs.

Source: ANP

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