Partial Results of the 1st auction of ANP’s Permanent Offer

September 10, 2019

The ANP promoted this Tuesday (10) the first auction of areas selected for permanent supply of blocks and fields with marginal accumulations of oil and natural gas.

The auction ends with 12 fields with marginal accumulations contracted onshore. Imetame, Brazil Refineries, Petro Global, Creative Energy, Great Energy, Petro Victory and Perícia purchased the areas in the Espírito Santo, Sergipe-Alagoas, Recôncavo and Potiguar basins, with an initial investment commitment of R $ 10.5 million.

In all, 33 blocks were contracted, only three offshore. Petro Victory contracted 15 areas; Eneva has expanded its portfolio in the Parnaíba Basin, with six more blocks; Geopark took four; Petroil and Phoenix, two areas each; and Imetame one block.

The ExxonMobil consortium (50%), Enauta (30%), Murphy (20%) also expanded Sergipe’s deepwater operations with three new blocks.

Revenue from the permanent offer auction was 15.3 million, plus R $ 7 million with marginal accumulations – areas that were well competitive – totaling R $ 22.3 million.

Consortium formed by ExxonMobil (50%), Enauta (30%) and Murphy (20%) contracts three deepwater blocks in the Sergipe Basin, SEAL-M-505, SEAL-M-575 and SEAL-M-637 blocks with a bonus of R $ 7.851 million. The same consortium operates seven blocks and licenses an 11-well campaign. ExxonMobil is the operator.

Eneva gets six new blocks in the Parnaíba Basin. It will expand the area of ​​operation of its natural gas production and power generation project in Maranhão. PN-T-47, PN-T-48A, PN-T-66, PN-T-67A, PN-T-68 and PN-T-102A blocks were awarded with a total bonus of R $ 3.5 million. The company was the main bidder for the Parnaíba Basin, where it is the only producer. The ANP offered 17 blocks in the region.

Source: epbr

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