Spectrum will make new seismic in the Pelotas Basin

Sept 05, 2019

Spectrum Geo has requested from Ibama authorization to conduct the third phase of 2D seismic data acquisition in the Pelotas Basin. Scheduled to start in June 2020 and end in December of the same year, the campaign will be carried out with the BGP Pioneer from Chinese BGP.

The survey will comprise two sub-areas totaling about 28 thousand km² in total area of ​​acquisition / seismic lines. The smallest water depth of the first sub-area where data will be acquired will be 200 m, and the second, 3,000 m.

Work will take place at minimum distances from the coast ranging from 77 km for the first sub-area to 245 km for the second. The public port of the city of Rio Grande (RS) will be used for operations to support seismic activity, such as loading and unloading and supply.

The Pelotas Basin is located at the southern end of the Brazilian continental margin, extending from Uruguay in the south to the Santos Basin in the north. Its area is approximately 210 thousand km².

The first phase of Spectrum’s seismic acquisition in Pelotas began in 2013, comprising the acquisition of 7.5 thousand km of data, and the second (12 thousand km of data) in 2015.

Spectrum owns the largest 2D data library on the planet, including information purchased from CGG and Dutch Fugro. In May this year, the company was acquired by TGS.

Source: Brasil Energia Magazine

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