ANP releases oil and natural gas exploration data

September 5, 2019

The ANP publishes on its portal, as of today, the annual forecasts for oil and natural gas exploration activities for 2019. The data can be accessed on the Production and Activities Forecast page.

The forecasts include: drilling of exploratory wells on land and sea, 2D and 3D seismic activities and their budgets. They reflect the information declared by operators to the ANP in the E&P Contract – PAT / OAT clause under exploration.

Also available since Aug 1 , on the ANP’s website, are the annual forecasts for oil and natural gas development and production activities for the next five years.

Concession, transfer of rights assignment and production sharing contracts are divided into two phases: exploration and production. The exploration phase precedes the production phase and aims to discover and evaluate oil and / or natural gas deposits. The production phase is one in which the accumulations of oil and / or natural gas discovered and which have been proven commercially viable give rise to a producing field, being developed and put into production to supply the market.

The objective of these tools is to provide service companies with projections that assist in the planning of investments and activities, given the scenario of recovery of the Brazilian oil and gas sector, which will result in increased production and demand for services in the coming years.

Due to the uncertainties inherent to the variables considered, as well as the possibility of operators updating and revising these estimates, there is no guarantee that estimates will be realized over the simulated period.

Source: ANP

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