Decommissioning of 21 platforms should generate $ 50 billion for the naval industry

Aug 30, 2019

Decommissioning of platforms should generate $ 50 billion of investments for the naval industry. Rio de Janeiro will concentrate the works with the decommissioning of 21 old oil rigs installed in the Campos Basin, which need to have their equipment disassembled and uninstalled. The statement comes from the Secretary of State for Development and Economic, Employment and International Relations, Lucas Tristan. He said that all 21 units that will be decommissioned belong to Petrobras or are in company service by charter.

Tristao said that the measure will not bring loss of revenue for the state, as the pre-salt production is growing fast. “The most interesting thing is that all this will not influence the collection of royalties or oil production, because the pre-salt has just spouted oil and gas, with the high productivity of wells, unlike the Campos Basin which is already in decline ”.

Oil companies are required to carry out the so-called platform decommissioning, which provides for equipment uninstallation and dismantling activities, when activity in a field is no longer viable or when the useful life of the production field comes to an end. When decommissioning, the oil company must restore the original conditions of the environment where the equipment was installed.


The National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) should publish, by October, an update of the regulations for decommissioning facilities, return of areas, disposal and reversal of assets for oil wells.

The objective of the revision of the existing rules, created in 2006, is to adapt them to the other operational safety and environmental regulations, published after their publication, and the Production Sharing Law.

Tristan sees the situation as an opportunity to develop a new oil and gas industry in Rio de Janeiro, which would act in the platform decommissioning area and all the apparatus that involves this process. He estimates that this particular sector has the potential to generate about 50,000 jobs.

“We are already preparing to receive these projects. The State wants to be a reference in the decommissioning of platforms, complying with global environmental rules, taking into account the preservation of the environment, fauna and marine flora ”.

The secretary said decommissioning could even go beyond oil rigs. “There are about 100 abandoned vessels in Guanabara Bay that would require decommissioning services to properly dispose of such equipment,” said Tristan.

Source: Agência Brasil

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