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September is approaching with a busy schedule for the oil and gas sector. In addition to block bidding by the National Petroleum Agency, there are two other auctions that will negotiate barges, equipment and the Vitória 10,000 drill ship – all owned by Petrobras. In the first auction session on Sept 17th, Petrobras will offer traction equipment, cranes and a group of seven barges, one of them deserves special attention: the BGL-1, which will have a starting bid of U$ 5,724 million.

Petrobrás Crane and Launching Barge # 1 (BGL-1) was developed to launch pipelines and lift large blocks. In addition, the unit has, throughout its history, performed other special operations involving underwater and offshore installations. The BGL-1 underwent a modernization a few years ago and gained some interesting structural innovations, which gave it greater reliability. His stinger, for example, now has 52 special plastic rollers developed by the Brazilian company Liderroll.

BGL-1 Stinger

The stinger is a structure that assists in launching the pipelines. The special type of plastic used gives the rollers a longer service life than the material used so far (carbon steel) for this type of equipment. With the change, the BGL-1 stinger has become one of the most modern in the world.

The barge is 144 meters in total length, has a maximum displacement of 17.1 thousand tons and is capable of housing 280 crew. The vessel’s dynamic positioning system has six independent and autonomous diesel-hydraulic powertrains, which ensures positioning during pipeline launching or during lifting operations.

BGL-1 is currently located at Inhaúma Shipyard in Rio de Janeiro. In the same location are five service barges (BS-1, BS-2, BS-3, BS-5, BS-6, BS-8), in addition to the CPM-250 Traction Machine and CPM- 600 Traction Machine – all will also be offered at the auction on the 17th. The auction will also negotiate the BGL-2, which is at the São Roque site in Maragojipe (BA); and the Liebherr Crane, stored today at the Duque de Caxias Refinery (Reduc), in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro.

All of these assets are available for public viewing up to 20 days prior to the auction date, except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The auction session (No. 19057) will be electronic and will occur through the Petronect Portal. The request for inclusion of potential buyers must be made by 3 pm on September 13.


The day after the auction of BGL-1 (18/07), Petrobras will also try to auction the drillship Vitória 10,000 (NS-30). The starting bid for the asset is expected to be U$ 47.5 million, according to the announcement. The vessel is a floating unit for drilling, completion and intervention in oil wells. The ship is 227.8 meters long and has a drilling capacity of 11,400 meters. The rig is capable of operating in ultra-deep water, up to 3,050 meters of water depth. The unit is based in Campo de Badejo, in the Campos Basin.

Also in this case, the session will be electronic at Petronect at 2 pm (International Electronic Auction No. 5900.002.2019). The request for inclusion of interested parties must be made by 12 noon on September 17. The drillship will be available for interested parties to visit up to 5 working days before the date of the event.

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