Wilson Sons Group presents its new super powerful tugboat –  Featuring 90 tons of bollard pull, the tug also has an automatic towing winch system 


The Wilson Sons Group completed another tugboat of its escort tug series on the 19th  of July, the WS Aries, which now joins the WS Sirius as the most powerful in Brazil. Built by Wilson Sons Estaleiros and designed by Damen Shipyards, the vessel has a LOA of 32 meters and a beam of 12 meters.

“This tugboat exceeded 90 tons of bollard pull with a render recovery winch, which allows for the automatic control of maximum pull on the towline while keeping the tow length constant. With more technology and power available, the number of options to assist decision making during operations is increased, making it overall safer ”, says Adalberto Souza, Executive Director of Wilson Sons Estaleiros.

The WS Aries features a FiFi1 certified fire-fighting system. In addition, the tugboat is allowed to sail more than 100 nautical miles offshore, the equivalent of 185 kilometers, ensuring greater operating autonomy.

“In addition to the WS Aries and the WS Sirius, the Wilson Sons Group has two other escort tugs in its fleet: the WS Titan and the WS Procyon, which is outstanding for the business. These are tugboats equipped and certified to escort vessels, which means that the towline can be used at cruising speeds, which renders maneuvers more agile throughout the operations without compromising on safety”, says Marcio Castro, Operations Director at Wilson Sons Rebocadores.

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