ExxonMobil, Petrobras and Shell are enrolled in ANP’s Permanent Offer

July 29, 2019

The Special Bidding Commission approved international oil companies ExxonMobil, CNOOC, Petrobras and Shell, as well as Brazilian Enauta and PetroRio, to participate in the permanent offer of exploration and production areas. There are a total of 47 registered and 12 under review.

The ANP also received five area nominations, all onshore. In the permanent offer, companies can indicate in advance the areas in which they are interested. This nomination should occur by August 8th.

Also registered were the companies Andorinha Petróleo, Creative Energy Services and Exploration, FE Intermodal, FMT Serviços Indústria e Comércio, Perícia Engenharia e Construção e Petromais Global Exploração e Produção.

On September 10, the agency will hold the first auction to offer areas of the first cycle of the permanent offer, which will bid offshore and onshore exploratory blocks already bid or returned.

Companies interested in participating had until July 17 to complete the application form, submit application documents, and pay the participation fee. Guarantees of offers, accompanied by a declaration of interest, must be submitted by 7 August.

The agency hopes to release by 16 August the sectors that will be part of the first cycle. From then on, it will wait another ten days to present the additional bid guarantees for the bidding sectors. Signing bonuses must be paid by January 2020 and contracts are expected to be signed a month later.

In May, the ANP expanded the permanent supply of exploration areas to 600 blocks, adding 442 out of a total of seven onshore and five offshore basins.

In all, there are 527 blocks in Espírito Santo, Potiguar, Recôncavo, Sergipe-Alagoas, Paraná, Parnaíba and Tucano basins, and 73 offshore blocks in the Campos, Ceará, Potiguar, Santos and Sergipe-Alagoas basins. Of these areas, 14 areas are fields with marginal accumulations in Espírito Santo, Potiguar, Recôncavo and Sergipe-Alagoas.

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