Enauta’s Atlanta FPSO tender on its way

July 29, 2019

Between the end of this year and the first quarter of 2020, Enauta will launch the tender for the charter of the definitive Atlanta FPSO, a deepwater field located in the Santos Basin. The oil company has not yet decided on the size of the production unit, which will have between 50,000 bopd and 70,000 bopd, but the trend today is that the choice is for the smaller plant. The platform will be chartered for 15 years and will go into operation between late 2022 and early 2023.

The plant size of the new unit will be determined by the result of the production behavior of the three wells of the anticipated system, with FPSO Petrojarl I, operated by Teekay Offshore. Put into operation in the second quarter of 2018, the field currently produces about 20,000 bopd from wells 3H-RJS and 4HB-RJS, recently drilled by Constellation’s Laguna Star drillship.

The rig is completing BHGE’s internal pump intervention and changeover operation in well 2H, which should be completed by mid-August and reconnected to the Petrojarl I FPSO. Next, Laguna Star will perform the internal well pump changeover operation at 3H-RJS. Enauta’s schedule foresees that by the end of September, the three wells will be interconnected to the FPSO, producing between 25,000 bopd and 27,000 bopd.

Atlanta’s definitive system will have between eight and 12 wells, three of them relocated from the anticipated system. Its start-up will take place in two stages, favoring the interconnection of wells drilled specifically for the new phase. In the first year of operation of the definitive system, Enauta will maintain the FPSO Petrojarl I at the location.

The Atlanta field is located 185 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, at a water depth of about 1,500 m.

Source: BE Petroleo

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