Brazil – 250 development wells in 2020

July 22, 2019

Operators are expected to drill approximately 250 development wells by 2020, a quarter of which (65) in the Santos Basin, according to ANP projections.

The other basins with development commitments planned for next year are Potiguar (53), Sergipe (46), Campos (41), Espírito Santo (29), Recôncavo (13), Parnaíba (3) and from Alagoas (3).

There are currently 84 fields under development in Brazil, with emphasis on the Santos (22), Recôncavo (17), Potiguar (11), Campos (8) and Espírito Santo (5) basins. Almost half of them (38) are operated by Petrobras.

The country has a total of 303 producing fields and 323 exploratory blocks from 47 national and 50 foreign groups.

Exploration well drilling commitments in 2020 will be presented by the oil companies to the ANP next October 30th.

Semiannual Balance Sheet

The number of new drilling (exploratory and development) in the first half of this year fell by 20% from the same period last year, to 79 wells from 103 in 2018. From the previous six months, the reduction was 10%.

Between January and June this year, 52 wells were drilled on land and 27 at sea. The Potiguar Basin accounted for 21.5% of the total (17 wells), followed by the Sergipe (14 wells), Santos (13), Campos (12), Espirito Santo (ten), Parnaíba (seven), Recôncavo (four), Solimões (1) and Alagoas (1).

In addition to Campos and Santos, only the Sergipe Basin had offshore wells that began drilling this year, both in block BM-SEAL-4 (3-BRSA-1367-SES and 3-BRSA-1368-SES) by Petrobras, with the Petrobras 10,000 rig, operated by Transocean.

The other oil companies that started drilling off the Brazilian coast in 2019 were Equinor (three wells in Campos and two in Santos), Shell (two in Campos and one in Santos), Enauta (two in Santos) and Total (one in Santos). .

Onshore Petrobras began drilling 16 wells in the Potiguar Basin, 12 in Sergipe, nine in Espírito Santo, two in Recôncavo and one in Alagoas. In addition, Eneva has seven wells in Parnaíba, BMG (one in Espírito Santo), Imetame and Maha Energy (one in Recôncavo in each case), Phoenix (one in Potiguar) and Rosneft (one in Solimões).

According to the ANP, operators’ commitments associated with the E&P contracts provide for the drilling of just over 30 exploratory wells and about 150 for development in 2019.

Between July and December, 28 blocks will have their first exploratory period coming to an end, especially Shell (nine in Barreirinhas) and Eneva (seven in Parnaíba), while Imetame’s REC-T-163 will have its second exploratory expiring. . During the same period, the plans to complete Eneva’s discovery of BT-PN-1 and BT-PN-4 are expected to be completed in the Paranaíba Basin.

Source: BE Petroleo

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