Thermoelectric plants consolidates Macaé as new energy hub

July 12, 2019

This week, projects to implement two new thermoelectric power plants in Macaé will be presented at a public hearing, held by IBAMA, at the Convention.

The licensing of the Jaci and Tupã units, created by Global Participações em Energia (GPE), consolidates the National Petroleum Capital as a national hub for energy production, transforming the gas processed by Petrobras’ Cabiúnas Terminal into fuel for the new development already faced by the city.

“All indicators, analyses and perspectives indicate that natural gas will be the source of a new phase of prosperity for Macaé. We monitor the progress of these projects and believe that the installation of these thermoelectric power plants create in our city a potential for energy production not seen in other cities in the country, “analyzes the Secretary of the Environment for Economic Development of the city of Macaé, Gerson Martins.

According to Gerson Martins, within the next five years, Macaé will house nine thermoelectric plants that will produce energy through the natural gas processed in Cabiúnas. Today the city already has two, UTE Mário Lago and EDF Norte Fluminense.

“We currently have the construction of the Marlim Azul thermoelectric plant, through a consortium that has Shell as one of the investor companies. Two other units are already licensed, with participation in auctions carried out by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). We will now follow the public hearing on these two new projects and there is another one under study, “said the secretary.

Currently, Macaé already has concrete data that reveal the emergence of a new virtuous cycle. The study of “Urban Systems”, which analyzes socioeconomic data from the main cities of the country, has gained repercussion.

In the ranking presented by the study, Macaé rose four positions, currently occupying position 17 at national level, and third place in the state, below only Niterói and Rio de Janeiro.

“The city definitely enters a new positive phase, which will stimulate all sectors of our economy through the strength of oil and gas. However, the great result of this new momentum will still be the generation of new jobs, giving back to our population opportunities lost during the period of the crisis, “says Gerson.

Source: Macaé City Hall

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