Mature fields as top priority at ANP

July 09, 2019

Director General of the ANP, Décio Oddone bets on a “significant” return to onshore in the next five years

Investment in mature fields in Brazil is an absolute priority of the ANP, said the director general of the agency, Décio Oddone, during a public hearing in the Chamber of Deputies. “The capillarity of employment and income from these assets is enormous. I have no doubt that it will be transformational in the next four, five years. We will see a significant resumption on land, “he said.

One of the initiatives of the ANP to stimulate this market is the reduction of royalties on the incremental production of mature fields. Currently, 40 cases are being analyzed.

According to Oddone, it is necessary to explore the resources within a window of opportunity, independently of Petrobras. “In 1999, Petrobras discovered the Azulão field [in the Amazon Basin], but it did not develop. Eneva recently bought the asset and will invest R $ 1.8 billion to bring gas to a thermal plant in Roraima, “he said.

Regarding the fuel distribution segment, Oddone said that the best thing for the market is to make it more competitive among the more than 150 distributors and defended the option of direct ethanol sales.

Asked if Petrobras’s exit from the gas market and the sale of part of its refineries would take the form of a private monopoly exchange, the ANP director guaranteed the agency’s commitment to promote balanced competitiveness and that the agencies responsible will monitor the Marketplace.

Source: BE Petroleum

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