Mero 3 FPSO Announcement getting ready

July 8, 2019

Petrobras will launch notices for the charter of Mero 3, Itapu and Sergipe-Alagoas FPSOs by the end of the year, leaving the Mero 4 process to begin in 2020. The bidding schedule for the new units was confirmed to BE Petroleo by a source of the oil company.

The first will be the third platform in the Libra area in the pre-salt, whose publication is expected to take place between the end of this month and the beginning of August. Designed to produce 180,000 bopd, compress 12 million m3 / d of gas and inject 250,000 bpd, Mero 3 will go into operation 2024.

The launch of the tender will mark the resumption of the FPSOs bids after the Marlim, Parque das Baleias, Búzios V and Mero 2 packages, launched in early 2018.

The delivery of proposals should be scheduled for the period between the end of November and the beginning of December, but the expectation is that the date will be postponed, as occurs in all the bids of the oil company.

The Mero 1 and Mero 2 FPSOs are in charge of Modec and SBM, respectively. Given the size and complexity of the project and the fact that they are already conducting the construction of the first definitive units of the asset, companies are seen as the big favorites in Mero 3 and 4 tenders.

The announcement of the FPSO of Itapu – in the Santos Basin – is scheduled to be launched soon in September. The unit will have the capacity to produce 120 thousand bopd, compress 3 million m3 / d of gas and inject 180 thousand bpd.

The receipt of the Itapu proposals tends to be postponed to the beginning of 2020, since the start of project operation should be transferred to 2024. The Petrobras Business Plan 2019-2023, released by the company at the end of 2018, projects the first project oil for 2023.

BOT under review

In December, Petrobras will kick-start the hiring of the Sergipe-Alagoas FPSO. The technical team and management of the oil company evaluate the possibility of the unit being contracted under the BOT (Build Operate Transfer) regime, in which the charterer builds, operates for three, four or five years and then transfers the equipment to the operator .

The deepwater project platform will have the capacity to produce 100,000 bopd, compress 10.5 million m3 / d of gas and inject 200,000 bpd. In the best of scenarios, the deadline for proposals will be set for April.

The chance for Petrobras to approve the BOT model for Sergipe-Alagoas is great. The use of the contracting regime has been analyzed with a focus on the strategy of diversifying contract models to ensure a more balanced portfolio of own and chartered FPSOs.

The companies that operate FPSOs are waiting for the decision with great expectation. The oil company’s experience with BOT comes down to the P-57, originally contracted with SBM, and the P-63, commissioned with BW Offshore.

The FPSO bid for Sergipe-Alagoas will be the first to be conducted under the rules of the State Law (13,303 / 16).

Mero 4 in 2020

Regarding the Mero 4 FPSO, the bidding will be launched only in 2020, with two different scenarios for the bidding process: one with publication scheduled for the beginning of the year – possibly in March – and another for the second half. The technical terms of the project must follow the Mero 3 line, but this is still being evaluated by Petrobras.

As there is evidence that the phase 4 reservoir has less potential than the other stages, Petrobras is studying the possibility of using a FPSO of 150 thousand bopd or 120 thousand bopd. In the latter case, it would operate in conjunction with the FPSO Pioneiro de Libra, which performs long-term tests and early production on assets.

Source: Brazil Energy

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