ANP begins the first cycle of the Permanent Offer

June 28, 2019

The ANP opened the First Cycle of the Permanent Offer with the approval, by the Special Bidding Commission (CEL), of the offer guarantee accompanied by a declaration of interest in one of the areas offered by one of the companies already registered to participate. The public session for the presentation of First Cycle offers is scheduled for September 10. The information is on the electronic site of the bidding rounds.

The other registered companies that are interested in participating in this first cycle will have until Aug. 7 to present offer guarantees accompanied by a declaration of interest. The sectors offered in this first cycle will be announced by August 16.

Also approved were the registrations of four more companies: Alvopetro S / A, Brazil Refineries Ltda., Newo Óleo e Gás Ltda. and Rosneft Brasil E & P Ltda. Companies not yet registered that are interested in participating in this first cycle may do so until July 12. Currently, there are 35 companies registered in the Permanent Offer. The full list can be found at the ANP site.

The Permanent Offer process for areas for exploration and production of oil and natural gas provides for the continuous supply of fields returned (or in the process of being returned), of exploratory blocks offered in previous rounds and not bid, and also of the blocks returned to the Agency. According to this modality, registered bidders may submit interest to any blocks or areas, provided they present a bid guarantee with a declaration of interest. Once one or more declarations of interest have been submitted, and all documentation has been approved, the CEL of the Permanent Offer announces a schedule for conducting a bid submission cycle.

Source: ANP

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