Wärtsilä to maintain fleet of PLSVs of Sapura Brasil

June 26, 2019

Wärtsilä signed a contract with Sapura Brasil for the monitoring and maintenance of equipment of six Pipe Laying Support Vessels (PLSVs), currently contracted by Petrobras. Wärtsilä will service the fleet through a parts contract and a local service contract. In total, 34 engines and 42 propellers from the Finnish manufacturer will be monitored simultaneously, which are installed on this fleet. With overhauls at flexible maintenance intervals and savings in operating costs (Opex), Sapura expects to increase the availability of vessels.

According to the manufacturer, the services will be made with system based on the condition of the engine and the propulsion condition monitoring service (PCMS). A monthly fee will be charged to cover hardware costs, crew training, and monthly monitoring of conditioning services. Maintenance planning and availability of spare parts will be listed separately.

Wärtsilä notes that the agreement guarantees the availability of spare parts, maintenance and monitoring of engine conditioning based on Data Analyzes. “Through inspection and analysis of technical information on the condition of the equipment, it will be possible to extend maintenance and even at dry-dockings”, explains the sales and accounts manager of the maritime and services division of Wärtsilä Brazil, Luis Grotz. He adds that only the manufacturer itself can provide this type of analysis due to the engineering knowledge of the product.

Sapura Brasil believes that the new maintenance philosophy will increase reliability, asset availability and efficiency. “It will be possible to carry out the interventions only when necessary, resulting in a reduction of operating costs, which makes it possible to postpone major maintenance, like for example, dry-docking,” said Sapura maintenance manager Fábio Gervasio. The company evaluates that the project closely relates to the manufacturer and brings benefits to operations. “It is important to have this type of training focused on prevention so that we can feel more confident about the integrity and reliability of our equipment,” adds Sapura CEO Rogério Salbego.

Source: Portos e Navios

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