Porto do Açu aims to export gas

June 27, 2019

Gas Natural Açu (GNA Açu), a joint venture formed by Prumo Logística, BP and Siemens, is studying the possibility of building a natural gas liquefaction plant at Porto do Açu Port. The interest is motivated by the prospect of increased volumes produced in the pre-salt.

“We can have a plant to export LNG if the gas supply reaches sufficient volume. Once gas reaches the  Port, the region will benefit from the deployment of large industries, “said the company’s president, Bernardo Perseke.

GNA invests in the development of a natural gas hub in the port and industrial complex, contributing R $ 8 billion to two thermoelectric plants and an LNG terminal at the site. The first thermo plant is under construction, and its start-up is expected for 2021. The unit will operate on a combined cycle basis and will have an installed capacity of 1,338,000 MW, with imported LNG supply to be provided by BP. But the expectation is also to use the pre-salt gas.

According to the executive, the fuel-based thermal generation is strategic for the economic development of northern Rio. “We expect future demand to attract a gas route to Porto do Açu. The developments in thermoelectric plants will be an anchor for development and vector for the pre-salt gas monetization, “he said.

Shell already sees the Marlim Azul project in Macaé – the first thermoelectric plant to use the pre-salt gas -, a stimulant of energy demand in the region. The joint venture project (Pátria Investimentos, Shell and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems) will have 565 MW of installed capacity, enough to supply 2.5 million people.

Scheduled to start up in 2023, the plant will receive contributions of approximately US $ 700 million. The work has today 80% of the earthwork completed.

“We see enormous potential for Macaé to become an energy hub. The gas potential of the pre-salt is still underexploited. We have to seek the equation between energy and exploration and production contracts and move forward in the gas regulatory framework to unlock investments, “said Thomas Lucena, manager of Regulatory Affairs for the oil company.

Source: Brazil Energy

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