Petrobras helicopter bid result

June 19, 2019

Petrobras has announced the result of the tender to hire large, medium and super-sized helicopters for four years, starting operations between this and next year.

Instead of 20 aircraft, as originally planned, 19 units were selected, as the oil company canceled the hiring of a helicopter that would start operations in 2021.

Leader took eight aircraft, five of the S92 model and three S76C ++. The first will fly from the airports of Cabo Frio, Jacarepaguá and Macaé, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and the last, from Vitória (ES).

Omni was given seven AW 139 helicopters, based on Macaé, Jacarepaguá and Cabo Frio airports, while Aeróleo acquired four aircraft of the same model for flights from Macaé and Cabo Frio.

The contracts, which have not yet been signed, are intended to serve Petrobras’ projects in the Campos, Espírito Santo and Santos basins.


Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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