June 14, 2019

With the resumption of exploratory block auctions and the acceleration of Petrobras divestments, new concessionaires are appearing in the Brazilian market. The most recent examples are those of BW Energy, which acquired the Maromba field, and Perenco and Seacrest, which have agreed to purchase Pampo and Enchova in partnership with Ouro Preto – operations that will have to be approved by the ANP.

Last year, the list had already grown with the return of German Wintershall Dea, who won seven blocks in the 15th round of ANP concessions – four of them in the Potiguar Basin as operator.

There are currently 125 companies operating or participating in exploration and production projects in the country. After Petrobras, whose portfolio comprises approximately 470 ventures (423 of them as operator), the most active oil company is Shell (30 in total, with 19 as the operator).

Among the top ten are ExxonMobil (27), BP Energy (26), Petra Energia (24), Petrogal (21), Imetame (21), Dommo Energia (20), Equinor (19) and Total ( 18).

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