Carlos Tadeu Fraga takes command of Prumo (Porto do Açu)

June 12, 2019

Carlos Tadeu da Costa Fraga will assume the presidency of Prumo Logística as of the beginning of July, in place of José Magela Bernardes. According to sources, the invitation to the executive, who is currently CEO of Açu Operations Port, was made by the CEO of EIG Global Energy Partners and chairman of the Board of Directors of Prumo Logística , Blair Thomas.

The appointment of Tadeu da Costa Fraga was approved by the Board of Directors of Prumo Logística. Over the next two weeks, the two executives will work together to transition assignments.

Fraga was in front of Açu Port Operations ten months ago. José Magela chaired Prumo Logística for three and a half years, but for some time he had been expressing to close friends and at the group’s command the intention of leaving office. The expectation is that the new CEO of Açu Operations Port will be chosen by the end of June.

One of the most respected names in the sector, Carlos Tadeu da Costa made a career at Petrobras and joined the Prumo Group about three years ago, when GranEnergia and Prumo Logística formalized a partnership to offer integrated solutions to the oil and gas industry, creating Dome.

In an internal note, Blair Thomas highlighted the contribution of Magela, attributing the group’s progress in recent years to the executive’s management. About the new president, the CEO of EIG Global Energy Partners stressed that Tadeu da Costa Fraga is a benchmark in the sector.

Prumo Logística is responsible for the development of the Açu Port Complex, one of the main ports in the country. The group operates in Mining, Port Logistics, Energy and O & G branches by the companies Porto do Açu Operations, Ferroport, Açu Petroleum, GNA, Dome and BP Prumo.

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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