ANP: Oil auctions schedule is maintained, says Oddone

June 10, 2019

The director general of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), Décio Oddone, said that the schedule of the three oil auctions this year is maintained and that “there is demand for it”.

He denied that there are discussions at the moment to postpone one of the bids, as he suggested at a seminar in the oil and gas sector a few weeks ago.

The auction for the 16th round of concession of post-salt areas (October 10) is scheduled for the second half of the year; of the surplus of the transfer of rights assignment (October 28); and the sixth round of pre-salt sharing (November 7).

On Friday’s meeting, Oddone said he had not heard “anything new” and reiterated that the committee set up by the government to study the opening of the gas market will run until the end of June, when it should make suggestions to this end. “The expectation is that measures will come to help open up this (gas) market,” he said, without giving further details on the changes in the rules, one of the topics of the meeting with Guedes.

On May 23, Oddone said that there would be “room” for the postponement of at least one of the three major auctions of the year to 2020 and that, if called upon to give its opinion, it would indicate the postponement of the 16th Round, initially scheduled for the day October 10. At the time, the director of the ANP said that with the postponement, the government could avoid “burning the cartridge” and auctioning these assets with smaller premiums. “Three auctions in the same semester can overwhelm private company technicians,” he said on that occasion.

Source: Valor

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