Ocyan completes four years of MPD use and reinforces pioneering drilling of wells


Ocyan completes four years of deepwater technology on the Brazilian coast with controlled pressure drilling (MPD or Managed Presure Drilling), ensuring greater operational safety in the development of complex wells. Since the end of 2014, the company has drilled 20 wells with this technique, mainly operated by the rigs: ODN I, ODN II and Delba III.

“When we participated in the implementation of the technology in the country in an offshore environment, our objective was to provide a solution to the client in the face of some limitations in drilling advances due to geology. When hiring Ocyan, the customer demanded the use of this methodology, which was important for the industry, “explains Heitor Gioppo, Vice President of Ocyan.

Among the 20 wells drilled in Brazil using technology by Ocyan, the company was the first in the world to use the FMCD (Float Mud Cap Drilling) technique in deep waters, one of the possible ways of using MPD, which reinforces the company’s pioneering spirit.

The technique uses additional equipment during the drilling process, aiming at better pressure control compared to the conventional method.

“The control of the drilling fluid pressure in the operation guarantees more safety, since it detects more quickly any problems of control of the well, reduces the time of execution of complex wells, besides reducing operational and environmental risks. All these factors combine to increase efficiency and cost reduction for the customer, “says Leandro Brandão, Performance and Continuous Improvement Coordinator and one of those responsible for implementing the system at Ocyan.

Nowadays, the adoption of this technology has been more common due to the challenges of the drilling industry in search of the revitalization of some wells and advance towards the pre-salt.

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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