New Tender for MSUs


Petrobras launched a new tender for a Maintenance and Security Unit (MSU) with capacity to accommodate 170 people, on Monday . The contractual term is of three firm years, with start of operation in 2020.

As in the last two bids, the process will be conducted under the reverse auction model (open dispute). The unit, which will be chartered to give priority support to activities in the Espírito Santo and Campos basins, may be monohull and will have to have a DP2 dynamic positioning system.

The delivery of proposals is scheduled for June 25, but as the deadline is short, the possibility of the tender committee postponing the date is great. The accommodation capacity required in the edict does not include crew and the Petrobras team, which raises the final unit size to something close to 240 places.

Although it was already expected that Petrobras would hire a unit of this size, the specifications required in the bidding process generated market criticism. Most flotel companies claim that the number of MSUs with such features available is almost non-existent. The evaluation is that, in practice, the oil company tends to contract a large MSU for the value of a smaller equipment.

The market perception prevails that the majority of the units without contract at the moment concentrate have capacity for accommodation below 100 places or from 300 people.

In addition to the three fixed years, the charter agreement for the new unit may be renewed for 545 days if Petrobras has an interest. The term of mobilization is of 180 days, counting date of signature. The new flotel is expected to start operating in the second quarter of 2020.

On Friday (5/5), Petrobras formalized the signing of two new MSU contracts for a period of three years, with Prosafe and OOS International for the charter of Safe Eurus and OOS Tiradentes, respectively. By the end of May, a short-term contract with GranIHC will be signed for MSU Olympia for a period of 90 days.

Source: Portos e Navios

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